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Yearn Finance
Diamond Token

Contract: 0x1378ec93ab2b07ba5a0eaef19cf354a33f64b9fd
Max. Supply: 9,000 YFDT
Presale: 4,500 YFDT
1ª Phase: 1,500 YFDT at 30 USDT - Sold Out
2ª Phase: 1,500 YFDT at 40 USDT - Sold Out
3ª Phase: 1,500 YFDT at 50 USDT - Sold Out

YFDTTWO Token Free distribution

The YFDTTWO token will be distributed in ratio 1:0.7 to all YFDT holders.
The snapshot will be taken on 05/11/2020
The funds raised in this presale be used to list YFDT YFDTTWO in a bigger exchange.

Yearn Finance
Diamond Token TWO

Contract: 0x95b48b85266675e82be44a426083b392d4786696
Max. Supply: 7,000 YFDTTWO
Presale: 2,000 YFDTTWO
1ª Phase: 2,000 YFDTTWO at 70 USDT

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What is DeFi?

DeFi is short for “decentralized finance,” an umbrella term for a variety of financial applications in cryptocurrency or blockchain geared toward disrupting financial intermediaries..

This financial technology is new, experimental, and isn’t without problems, especially with regard to security or scalability.


You can interact from any platform on the ethereum network.

Safe & Secure

Your investment will be safe within the Ethereum network.

Buy & Sell

Buy & sell in the DeFi Exchanges listed.


Use a variety of financial applications in cryptocurrencies or blockchain oriented to avoid financial intermediaries.

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Token Sale

Pre-sale start on Sept 25 2020.


Sept 25, 2020
(9:00AM GMT)


Oct 25, 2020
(9:00AM GMT)

Pre-sale 3ª PHASE

1500 YFDT
at 50 USDT

Number of tokens

9000 YFDT

Pre-sale 1ª PHASE

1500 YFDT
at 30 USDT

Pre-sale 2ª PHASE

1500 YFDT
at 40 USDT